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TAKE ROOT Willamette Valley magazine takes you on a trip to local farms and gardens where the freshest ingredients-fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, cheeses, and herbs end up at your nearby farmers’ market, your family’s pantry, and the kitchens of some of your favorite restaurants.
In the heart of the Willamette Valley lies a life source worth more than the richest man on earth - SOIL.
It is the beginning of sustainable living and the opportunity for healthy choices for you and your family.
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TAKE ROOT Partners
Oregon Organic Coalition's 2014 Awards for Excellence Nominees,Trexler Farm Cafe adds wine tasting room, Genetically-engineered foods and Measure 92.

Linus Pauling Institute
Dr. Linus Pauling's legacy lives though their Healthy Youth Program.

Winter Green Farm
A biodynamic approach to Farm-made organics.

Excelsior Farm and Ristorante
A full circle provider of farm-fresh food.

Edibles from the Sea
Red Rock Crab and other lesser known sea edibles.

Pono Farm - Central Oregon
Fine meats from farm to butcher to table.

Bee Aware
Beekeeping Basics: Hive care and management.

In Soil
Soil structure.

Stow It!
Saving Tomatoes.

In Good Health
Nutrient dense tomatoes.

Seaweed Secrets.

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